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About 3Monkeyz.

3Monkeyz Digital is inspired by servicing a diverse range of clients from SMB/SME to large blue chip enterprise. Our team has experience in all facets of digital marketing and digital media spanning from 2001 to today across most major verticals such as travel, finance, retail, technology, entertainment, and affiliate marketing.

It is our belief that digital represents the strongest business case for today's brands to achieve maximum ROI. This is why we focus on delivering solutions that drive performance based results that our clients can see in their bottom line.

While we are not an agency, we service our clients just like an agency would. Strategy always comes first. The team at 3 Monkeyz Digital accomplish this by understanding our clients’ needs using a consultative approach. Working with our clients we will drill down to the levers and mechanics of our clients business that matter the most, setting goals that lead to further acquisition, retention, and growth of marketing goals.

Trust, reliability, and honesty are the 3 key ingredients that lead to a healthy business relationship. It is our aim to enable our customers with all the knowledge, skills and technology they require to succeed in today's digital marketplace. We see our clients turning to us first to inform their decision making process with strategies and tactics that are proven to succeed. This is the cornerstone of what makes 3Monkeyz unique.

Who we are.

The team at Three Monkeyz Digital has experience in being the client, servicing clients, as well as everything in between - we therefore focus on a broad range of digital marketing for the purpose of increasing revenue, efficiencies and market exposure.

The dynamic between all the bits and pieces of machine work that drives successful digital requires specialist skills with generalist knowledge. The Malaysian market is experiencing what other markets call ‘Phase 1 Growth’. It’s in this stage where our longevity, skills and knowledge of digital marketing benefit a great multitude of businesses within Malaysia. The HRDF is a vehicle for influx of IP & knowledge, enabling the 3 Monkeyz solution to be an ideal fit to successfully capitalize on Malaysia’s digital marketplace.



Digital Business Specialist

From 2001 to 2008 Erik operated a web design, IT consulting, and online marketing firm based out of the USA. Since moving to Australia in 2009, he built a track record of success with global agency Publicis servicing top tier blue chips such as Qantas, Citibank, Expedia, and Toyota with cross channel marketing focusing on search and display. He then launched a digital media offering for a web design agency in Sydney bringing design, strategy, and services together as a unified offering. Most recently his role at Experian Marketing Services as a Solutions Specialist brought all aspects of digital together alongside insights and data.



Digital Business Specialist

Samantha has a background in online marketing spanning 7 years. Located in both the U.K and Australia, she worked for the Thomas Cook Group in their ecommerce department in the areas of content management and cross-channel marketing and most recently at Experian as a digital strategist and tier one client services manager. Some of her top clients were in retail and e-commerce such as Estee Lauder Companies, IMAX, and Vista Print.

Our Consulting Services.
We work with your team to identify, highlight and introduce digital marketing practices and methodologies for success. Without this foundation or pathway, digital marketing can seem like a mysterious unknown. By accessing your businesses marketing maturity, and combining this with the vision of where you can (and want) to be, Three Monkeyz Digital will produce a strategy to get you there.


- Display
- Search
With a focus on performance and ROI, 3 Monkeyz informs our clients with the best practice learnt from the best in industry. More


- Email
- Social
Communicate directly with fans, friends, followers and customers. Build relationships that last and see the positive commercial impact on your business. More

~Cross Channel Marketing

- Marketing in Digital
- Data, Analytics & Decision Making
- Business Strategy
Strategy is informed by data, where good decisions rely on the information that you collect. Look to all your channels and touch- points for meaningful data and build your strategy from informed points of view. More


- Website
- Mobile
It’s all well and good to drive visits to a landing page, but what happens when they get there...? Your website is there for a reason, but the purpose might be different for visitors using a desktop vs. a mobile device. It’s never been more important to understand the ways to maximise that experience. More


- Quixomatic
Why Quixomatic? Quixomatic is a content management service that uses your Facebook Page content and in seconds generates a user friendly website. More


- Private Training & Consulting : Tailored content based on audit results and tailored solutions for each client needs
- Public Seminars

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